Intermediate Jazz

Our intermediate jazz is for dancers who have had previous dance lessons! This 45 minute class is high energy and full of fun! Students will learn jazz technique to upbeat music and will leave feeling energized! 


Any color leotard and tights. Leggings and leotard. Hair must be pulled up. Capezio slip on jazz shoes in color tan. These shoes can be purchased at Motions Dance Shop in Drexel Hill or online.


Our studio tuition is based on an annual price which begins in September and ends in mid-June. There are 2 ways you can pay; monthly, or 1/2 year (first payment is due September 10, 2019 and second payment is due January 5, 2019 with a 5% discount) The monthly installments will start in September and go through May. The final payment in May will consist of May tuition and a partial payment for June.

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